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The international championship on technological strategy in metallurgy "Metal Cup - 2018" is a student engineering competition in which representatives of the BRICS countries take part. The main task - together with the team, is to propose a strategy for the development of an industry or a large enterprise in its region.

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We will describe in more detail how the international part of the Championship "Metal Cup - 2018" is taking place

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1) Become part of the international community
2) Contribute to the creation of the future
3) Get support for your project or idea
4) Bring your position or problem about representatives of
education and business
5) Get a great opportunity to start a career
6) View the largest country in the world!

Your way to the national team of the country

1 Building
of your team
Find people with whom you would like to participate in the championship
2 Filling
of registration form
Fill in the Google form, carefully indicating all the data (your classmates or friends should also do this)
3 Waiting
of confirmation by email
Wait for confirmation of your participation in the mail or write to us
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Where and when will the event take place?

Where and when will the event take place?

The championship will be held in July 2018 in the suburbs of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The event will take place on the territory of the international educational forum TIM Biryusa. This forum every summer brings together about 3000 students, 100 teachers, a large educational, cultural and entertainment program. Students represent and protect projects, attend lectures, develop useful contacts and exchange experiences.

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